In the wild, Bearded Dragons get much of their hydration from the fruits and vegetables that they eat and from the ground they lay on by absorbing liquid through their vent area.

  • Bearded Dragons do know how to swim on instinct. They often swim and play in the water as well as drink from it. 


However, Our reptiles are not living in the wild, so giving your pet fresh water daily or a few times a week will keep them healthy and happy.


Young Bearded Dragons

Hatchlings do not yet understand the concept of standing water in a bowl. They do not see it moving and it does not catch their interest. There are several things you can do to catch their attention;

  • Mist them with room temp water in a spray bottle. 
  • Pour water from a apx 6 inches above the dish.
  • Use your finger to splash around in the water dish.
  • Give your beardie a soak in a shallow dish of warm water.


You may keep a water dish in the tank with your pet, but you must make sure to clean and sterilize it often!


Watering young Bearded Dragons

One way to incite your hatchling to drink from a dish is to pour the water from apx. 6" above the dish so that the splashing noise and falling water will catch their attention. Splashing around in the water dish with your fingertips is also a good attention grabber. 

A young bearded dragon should have water every other day.


Adult Bearded Dragons do not need to have water on a daily basis.

You can put them in a clean bathtub or container with a few inches of luke warm water for apx 20 minutes.  

A warm shower is always enjoyable as well.  

An adult bearded dragon can be watered every other week.

Water is also know to stimulate a bowel movement.

If you suspect constipation at any time, A luke warm bath can be helpful.