Angelica & Lola


Lola is my best friend!

I purchased her from the website and had her shipped to my home. 

She showed up on time and in perfect condition and health. 

I love her bright vivid oranges and patterns that make her unique.

I have had her for 4 years now and she is absolutely amazing!  She goes with me everywhere and people always want to learn more about her and hold her.

My dad made her a really big tank and she is pretty spoiled.  

Chy is awesome even when I call for answers after 3 years!

Thanks Chy!

Angelica J.

Spokane, Wa


Makala & Athena



Athena, my bearded dragon is almost 10 months old, and I got her when she was just 2 months old, and she was to me the tiniest lizard I’ve ever seen!

I wanted a colorful breed so I came across the citrus fire bearded dragons. 

Athena is very red and orange with beautiful patterns. 

I like to take her outside and tickle her feet while she explores outside. 

Outside her colors really stand out! 

Athena may be my pet, but she’s my best friend as well. 

Thank you Chy for keeping these little guys healthy for 

their new homes.

Makala M.

age 11

Queen Creek, AZ


April M.



Thanks so much for the Bearded Dragons! They made the trip to Oklahoma just fine.

I am in love with the colors and patterns on this pretty little female.  We have had bearded dragons before, however, due to old age, we have lost them. 

These new babies bring excitement back into the house! 

They are so beautiful! 

I'm glad that I didn't just settle for the normal colored ones that the pet store had. 

It was worth the price to have them shipped..

April M.

Lawton OK


Nichole & Spike


I requested the one with the brightest orange for my 8 year old son, Orange is his favorate color.


Spike is the brightest orange that I have ever seen!

He has become one of the family and enjoys time with the boys as well as the cat and dog.

He likes to sit on the back of the sofa and  watch out of the window for hours on end.

 He also likes to hide in my plants!

Thanks for shipping him up to WA state for us. We love him and cant wait for your Red ones!

Nichole T.

and the boys

Washington state.


Devon & Patricia


 If you're looking for a healthy, friendly beardie, look no further! We are so happy that we found Chy's Dragons. 

We are experienced reptile owners, but this was our first bearded dragon, so it was important that we found a good breeder with healthy, socialized stock. 

From the moment we took Patricia the beardie home, we knew we had found a fantastic breeder! She was free from parasites and mites, and already had a voracious appetite. 

Our little lizard was a bit skittish as she first settled in, but here we are not even two months later, she is our chill little buddy with a big personality. She readily climbs onto our hands, goes for high-speed swims in the bathtub and gently takes treats by hand. She has never bitten, hissed or even puffed up; she is exactly what we were looking for in a beardie! 

Aside from Patty's calm personality, she's beautiful as well, and her colors are coming in brighter each week it seems. Not only did we get a fun new addition to the family, but Chy also goes above and beyond to answer any questions, even after the sale is complete. You can tell she cares about her babies and her customers! When we're ready for our next beardie, Chy is our first choice! 



Phoenix Arizona

Adrian & Riot


So today is Riot's 1st birthday!! 

This beautiful girl has grown so much since Santa brought her to us at Christmas, and we couldn't be happier! Just in case anyone is considering adding one of these bearded beauties to their family, but is unsure as to where to go....this is for you!! Chy is a knowledgeable and caring breeder who has an obvious love for the animal. She was kind enough to allow me, I mean Santa, into her home to see how everyone is cared for. I was able to see both parents, who are happy and healthy, and get plenty of attention. And I loved knowing that the babies are handled early and often, so they have a wonderful chance of becoming easy to bond with pets. Riot is my 2nd Beardie, and I certainly learned a lot with my first, who I lost a few months back. I am so very glad that Riot has joined our family and our daily lives. I'm often looking for reasons to take her places, she has gone to my children's school to give lessons on reptiles and she was so wonderful, that many of those children are now talking to their parents about having one as a pet. She is the topic of many conversations and strangers talk to us at stop lights when they see her basking in the window on my shoulder. She will also be joining us during Trick or Treat in her very own costume this year! Thank you Chy, for bringing this lil lady into our lives. She's amazing!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIOT!!

Adrian K

Glendale AZ


Danica & Penny

We are just so thrilled with our new scaled family member, Penny!
We started our reptile journey by


We are just so thrilled with our new scaled family member, Penny!

We started our reptile journey by purchasing a baby dragon from a big name pet shop, and unfortunately, that experience ended quickly in heartache with an unhealthy animal.

Our daughter was heart broken!

We researched and were lucky enough to find Chy’s Dragons.

Chy was knowledgeable, patient, and answered all of our questions.

Penny’s mother and father were on site and we got to hold them, and we were so grateful to see them healthy and happy!

We thank you so much for Penny! 

She is a healthy, beautiful, and a well fed 6 month old now and as you can see, she love to snuggle!

Danica and Penny

Peoria, AZ